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Designing Buildings Wiki. Some broader definitions simply consider the Superstructure to include all works above ground level, although clearly, this is a fairly ambiguous description. Related articles on Designing Buildings Wiki. Braced frame. Building Cost Information Service; BCIS elements.

Superstructure. Aboard ships and large boats. As stated above, superstructure consists of the parts of the ship or a boat, including sailboats, fishing boats, passenger ships, and submarines, that project above her main deck.


Definition Of Superstructure. Superstructure definition, the part of a building or construction entirely above its foundation or basement. See more.

Definition Of Superstructure By Merriam. Recent Examples on the Web. The ship’s superstructure, including bridge, mast, radars, antennas, and other electronics, were encased in a single giant trapezoidal tower, reducing hundreds of surfaces and facets to just six smooth, flat surfaces.


Definition Of Superstructure By The Free. It was lucky for the whole fabric that the carpenter, who did the manual part of the labor, had fastened the canopy of this classic entrance so firmly to the side of the house that, when the base deserted the superstructure in the manner we have described, and the pillars, for the want of a foundation, were no longer of service to support the

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