Geodesic Concrete Planter

Posted by on September 25, 2018

Geodesic Concrete Planter . Concrete Planter. Dimensions: L - 4 5/8 x W - 5 x H - 4 1/4 Finished with a satin sealer. Cork pads attached. Feel free to convo me with any questions Thank you for shopping

How To Make A Geo Faceted Cement Planter. Have you noticed that cement is having a moment in design and interiors right now? It's certainly my current craft medium obsession! Since making a set of cement coasters, I wanted to tackle a bigger project.In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make your own mold for a faceted planter, using cardboard and tape.

Geodesic Concrete Planter

Geometric Concrete Planter. – Concrete mix (preferably one without pebbles) – Bucket, Water and something to mix the concrete with – Cardboard – Scissors – Tape – Ruler or Measuring Tape – Pencil – Plant ;) STEP 1. For the outer mold: – Decide the shape* of your planter, you can all out here! I found this shape here – Draw the shape onto the cardboard and cut it out.

Concrete Planters, Concrete. Concrete Geodesic Planter Dark Grey by atstuart on Foundary, Fab and Etsy - Obelisk Concrete Design 10 Incredible Cool Tips: Room Minimalist Bedroom Black White zen minimalist home woods.Minimalist Interior Loft Natural Light chic minimalist decor home.

Geodesic Concrete Planter

Concrete Planters: Concrete Planter Geodesic Handmade Pot Succulents Cactus Air Plants Contemporary Decor Gift by ConcreteLab&Co In stock.

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