Apart Definition

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Definition Of Apart By Merriam-Webster. Apart Definition is - at a little distance. How to use apart in a sentence. at a little distance; away from one another in space or time; as a separate unit : independently…

Definition Of Apart By The Free Dictionary. Define apart. apart synonyms, apart pronunciation, apart translation, English dictionary definition of apart. adv. 1. a. At a distance in place, position, or time: railings spaced two feet apart; born three years apart.

Apart Definition

Definition Of Apart At Dictionary.com. Apart definition, into pieces or parts; to pieces: to take a watch apart; an old barn falling apart from decay. See more.

Apart Definition And Meaning. Definition of 'apart'. apart in positions and states. In addition to the uses shown below, apart is used in phrasal verbs such as 'grow apart' and 'take apart'. When people or things are apart, they are some distance from each other. He was standing a bit apart from the rest of us, watching us.

Apart Definition

Definition In The Cambridge English Dictionary. Apart from the institutional frames, other restrictions of alcohol use mentioned in speech were weakness, medication and lack of money. From Cambridge English Corpus The results indicate that more repartnered older adults choose unmarried cohabitation and to ' live apart together ' than remarriage.

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